Diervriendelijke wol van oude schapenrassen

Animal-friendly wool from old sheep breeds

Our woolen clothing is made from wool from two ancient indigenous Indian sheep breeds Magra and Nali. In the Thar desert of Rajasthan, these sheep have been herded for centuries by shepherds who lead a nomadic existence.

Unlike us, these sheep herds mainly graze leaves from shrubs and trees.

(shepherd cuts leaves from a tree with a scythe on the end of a long stick)

Collaboration with weaver communities

It is an old tradition that the shepherds have large shawls woven from the wool by a weaver community. These scarves of about 2.50 by 1.50 meters keep the shepherds warm during the cold nights in the desert. The size of these scarves is just right to make clothes out of it.

Non-profit foundation

Today, the herdsmen's traditional way of life is under threat. A non-profit foundation helps the shepherds by buying wool from them, having it woven by local hand weavers and marketing it. We buy the wool from this foundation.

Animal-friendly wool

This wool is guaranteed 100% animal friendly. That is the big question with many woolen clothing. Clothing manufacturers hardly ever know exactly where their wool comes from. The popular merino wool in particular is marketed in huge quantities, coming from countless 'farms', often Australian but also from the United States. Unfortunately, there are known cases of sheep farms where sheep are horribly mutilated.

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