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1.9m Eri silk Indigo

1.9m Eri silk Indigo

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This fabric suitable for making a shawl or top. The inside of the fabric is slightly rough, so if you're making a top out of it, it's wise to use lining fabric.
The silk is dyed on the thread, then hand spun and hand woven. The drape of the fabric is very smooth.

This silk is produced in an animal-friendly way, which means that the caterpillars turn into silk moths and only the cocoon that remains is used for clothing. In mass production for the silk industry, silkworms are boiled alive in their cocoons to keep the structure of the silk threads intact.

Thermal properties Eri silk

The structure of this silk is different from the industrially produced silk on a large scale. Eri silk has a short fiber (thread) and is more irregular. Eri silk is firmer than regular mulberry silk and has particularly good thermal properties: cooling in warm temperatures and warming in cool weather. Eri silk has a subtle sheen, drapes smoothly and becomes softer with wear.

The fabric is 115cm wide

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