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Nakshi Kantha scarf Blue Geometry

Nakshi Kantha scarf Blue Geometry

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Wild silk scarf with hand-embroidered motif in bright blue. A densely embroidered geometric pattern including stylized leaf motifs. A work of art in the form of a scarf. Wearable with both jeans and evening dresses. This scarf has been worked on for weeks by skilled, loving hands.


Handwoven Tassar silk


210 cm


50 cm

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Hang outside to freshen up your scarf

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Who makes these scarves?

About a hundred women embroider these exclusive nakshi kantha scarves. The designs are done by one talented woman: Takdira Beghum. Read the whole story here:
Nakshi kantha: the highest level of embroidery art

Wholesale Nakshi Kantha scarves

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