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5.5m Chikankari embroidery on cotton

5.5m Chikankari embroidery on cotton

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You can see special embroidery here. A beautiful, fine cotton fabric for those who want to dress exclusively. Guaranteed success!

Embroidered pattern

The beige-colored cotton is embroidered in such a way that a kurta, or a long tunic, can be made from it. In fact, the pattern is already finished. The contours of the front are indicated by the dense embroidery. The back consists of small embroidered floral motifs that are 'strewn' over the fabric. Parts are also embroidered for the sleeves. It's a matter of cutting it properly, sewing the parts together and you're done.

Chikan embroidery

Chikan is an ancient embroidery craft from Lucknow (India). Traditionally, Chikankari (the Chikan embroidery) is white-on-white. This embroidery art has 36 different stitches that are leading. On this fabric you see:

  • Bakhya: In this stitch it is the back of the fabric that 'textures' in a herringbone pattern while on the right side only the basting stitch is seen as an outline.
  • Jaali: Actually, this is not a stitch but a technique in which threads of the fabric are pulled apart to create a pattern of small openings.
  • Phanda: a stitch where a button is created on the fabric, working with 6 embroidery threads.
  • Murri: a stitch that creates the shape of a leaf in relief.


The cotton is thin and airy. In total, the fabric is 5.5 meters long x 112 cm wide
The embroidered part for the front is 125 cm long x 60 cm (width 64 cm at the sleeve attachment)

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