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5.5m Cotton Batik with dragonfly pattern

5.5m Cotton Batik with dragonfly pattern

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5.5 meters of very special fabric, so-called Kota Doria cotton. Very loosely woven cotton with squares in the weave. The batik motif with crackle and blue and orange dragonflies gives a fantastic effect.

The fabric is designed to make a sari, hence the wide blue band at the bottom with edging on the side. That gives creative freedom to the home designer! You can beautifully drape the fabric.

Kota Doria

Kota Doria is the name of a light handwoven fabric of small woven squares. The weaving is done on traditional looms in surrounding villages of Kota city in Rajasthan, India


Batik is a dye-resist technique from Java, Indonesia that uses beeswax. Batik is made by "drawing" dots or lines of wax with a special tool, or by applying the wax with a brass stamp. The wax is resistant to dyes.

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Wassen & Drogen

Wassen op 30 graden met mild wasmiddel. Plantaardig gekleurde kleding drogen aan de lijn in de schaduw.

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