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Dark gray denim cotton jacket

Dark gray denim cotton jacket

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Tough black denim jacket with charming round collar. Size: M (clothing size 38/40).

Handwoven denim

Denim is a weaving technique, a so-called twill weave. You can recognize it by the diagonal line in the fabric. This way of weaving makes the fabric sturdy and wear-resistant. The fabric of this jacket is woven by hand in the Northwest of India in the state of Gujarat. To weave denim you need a special loom (of at least 3 shafts). It is therefore a weaving technique that not every weaver masters and that requires special training.

Natural black dye

Black dye is made with, among other things, oxidized iron, nuts and flowers and is a time-consuming process. The dye never turns inky black, but brownish black. A 'soft' color black, as it were.

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