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Nakshi Kantha scarf Classic White

Nakshi Kantha scarf Classic White

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Wild silk scarf with hand-embroidered motif. Very ammunition and precisely embroidered. A work of art of pure white on ecru.

The silk is wild silk (Tassar silk). This is manually spun and woven. Tassar silk has many color nuances, from yellowish brown to ivory white. The whitest threads have been selected for this scarf.

The silk feels somewhat stiff at first due to a light treatment of the silk with natural starch. This disappears while wearing and the scarf then becomes increasingly flexible.


Handwoven Tassar silk


210 cm


50 cm

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Hang outside to freshen up your scarf

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Who makes these scarves?

About a hundred women embroider these exclusive nakshi kantha scarves. The designs are done by one talented woman: Takdira Beghum. Read the whole story here:
Nakshi kantha: the highest level of embroidery art

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