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Pure pashmina shawl, natural ivory color, handwoven

Pure pashmina shawl, natural ivory color, handwoven

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This beautiful scarf is made of pure pashmina, the intensely soft fur of the Pashmina goat. 75 cm wide x 210 cm long.

Exceptional craftsmanship

The exceptional openwork weave of this shawl is called "jali". The weaver of this shawl lives and works in a village not far from Srinagar, the capital of the Kashmir region. Pashmina weaving is a craft passed down from generation to generation.

The difference between Kashmir and Pashmina

This scarf has an official Geographical Indication for Pashmina.
The Pashmina goat (officially Changthang) is only found on the plateaus of Ladakh and Tibet, at an altitude of over 4000 meters in the Himalayas. The goats have an 'upper coat' and an 'undercoat'. The wool of the goat's undercoat is called pashmina.
The outer coat is used for Kashmir products, among other things. Kashmir can also come from different types of goats and from large farms in Australia or China. True Pashmina, on the other hand, is always from Ladakh or Tibet and from one kind of goat.

Do not shave but comb

The pashmina goats naturally lose their undercoat in the spring (the moulting period). It grows back in winter. The undercoat of the pashmina goat is collected by combing the goat, not by shearing. This is done by the nomadic people of the Changpa who inhabit the high plains.

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