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Via India

Silk scarf purple ocher hand dyed

Silk scarf purple ocher hand dyed

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This silk scarf is designed and made by the Khatri brothers. They live and work in Bhuj, the capital of the Kutch district in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Their company employs 200 rural women. In 2006 and 2007, the brothers received the prestigious UNESCO Seal of Excellence for their special innovations in the craft of tie-and-dye (binding and dyeing fabric).

Itajime or clamp dye

This scarf is made with the clamp dye technique, also called itajime. The choice of fabric is important for this: light enough to fold several times and still allow the color to penetrate to the inner folds.

The fabric is folded into a small, tight bundle and secured to wooden molding blocks. The shape and placement of the blocks determine the pattern on the fabric.

The clamped bundle is immersed in a steam vessel for up to 20 minutes. Fabric on the outer fold often takes on a slightly darker shade than that on the inside. Fabric areas covered by the blocks resist the paint and remain uncoloured. (The paint used is environmentally friendly).

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Wassen & Drogen

Wassen op 30 graden met mild wasmiddel. Plantaardig gekleurde kleding drogen aan de lijn in de schaduw.

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